In Mexico Todo Bonito we would love to decorate your corners with our ecological cubes

How You Can Make a Difference?

Buy or Adopt Eco Cubes

To keep Mexico’s streets clean…

Care about Mexico by adopting or buying Eco Cubes.You will receive recognition in the form of our “MTB Notification of Thanks” displayed on the Eco Cubes and a “MTB Certificate of Adoption”. All the little Mexico’s inside Mexico need your help and you can do it by adopting or buying MTB Eco Cubes

Support School Environmental Programs

To raise conscious…

All ages require environmental awareness….however the children are the only ones that can effect change…..and they need to be given the tools of ability with education. It is a priority for MTB to go to schools to make conscious of global environmental awareness and generate a belief in themselves for what they will accomplish making their Mexico Todo Bonito


for creating more Eco Cubes

By assisting MTB with monetary contributions we can increase the Eco Cube site locations and make MTB financially stronger. Our aim is to efficiently provide fair and humane work opportunities as well as support environmentally-related education and conscious programs.

Business Connections

for for Mexico Todo Bonito

Businesses of all types have everything to gain by supporting MTB products. Our sincere “Thank You” will be prominently displayed on each Eco Cube funded by businesses and associations. A great way for business to do something very positive for their brand and be recognized by people for doing the right thing.