In Mexico Todo Bonito we would love to decorate your corners with our ecological cubes


We are citizens concerned with the rapid environmental degradation of Mexico.


Mexico Todo Bonito is a legally established business in Mexico and has the authority to: make, sell and/or donate Eco Cubes for Mexico’s communities; create recycling programs; raise public environmental awareness; solicit financial contributions for environmental education and provide useful waste management infrastructure to clean up Mexico’s communities.


The initial Mexico Todo Bonito Eco Cubo cleanup area is the community of Pitillal in the State of Jalisco, Mexico.


The time to save Mexico from environmental ruin is now!


All of Puerto Vallarta (and Mexico) deserves to be beautiful and healthy. Not many Mexicans care about the environment and they are rapidly destroying Mexico’s habitat. These people need education and must be provided with waste management infrastructure that will allow them to take better care for their communities.


Mexico Todo Bonito visits many of Puerto Vallarta’s private and public schools to give children of all ages Environmental Awareness and Ethnics training.

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